St John's Church Over

To church

The gospel is good news for everybody, whatever your past or current situation.

The bible tells us that everybody has fallen short of God’s glory and are facing judgment. But those who believe in Jesus, and trust in his death and resurrection, are saved.

Because the gospel is for everyone, we want to welcome everyone to church so they can meet Jesus, in the bible.

Before you come to church though, you may have questions. Here’s our attempt at answering the frequently asked ones:

Is it really necessary to come to church?

It is not necessary to come to church to get a relationship with God.  We can have a relationship with God simply by trusting in Jesus.  Jesus told his followers to meet together because it is so good for us as church is our spiritual family.  If you are not a Christian and you want to see what it is all about, a good place to start is to come to a church meeting.

You realise its in the middle of a graveyard, right?

We had noticed!  It’s a strange thing, but many church buildings have graveyards around them.  It is just something we have inherited.

Is there anything special about the building?

St John’s church building is a fine example of 19th Century Neo-gothic architecture, thus it is listed.  Beyond that there is nothing special about it.  We do not believe that the building has any spiritual significance.  Though the architect sought to bring glory to God by its design, God is no more present in the building than he is everywhere.  What is special is that people who believe in Jesus gather together, sometimes in the old church building, sometimes in the church hall, sometimes in houses.

What happens inside?

We have many of our main services in the church building.  We gather together to be together as the people of God.  We have musicians to lead us in singing and prayers.  We have someone to teach us from the Bible.  We have people to pray with and people who put on refreshments.

Do I have to join in?

No you can just watch if you like.  No-one will put you under any pressure to do anything or say anything.

Do I need to wear my Sunday best?

You can if you like that sort of thing.  But most people don’t.  Just turn up in whatever you feel comfortable in.

I had a really bad experience at church, why should I go back?

It is very sad when people have been treated badly by churches, especially if it’s by church leaders.  The Bible does not condone this, and Jesus saves his harshest rebuke for those with responsibility in church who do not follow his teaching of truth and love.  Please do not let that be a barrier to coming back to God.  What matters most is your eternal relationship with the Father in heaven.  If you want to talk it through with someone please get in touch.

We hope that helps, if you have any other questions please send us an email or get in contact on our Facebook page.

We hope to welcome you to St John’s soon.