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Mission Partners

Why do we support mission?

We partner with mission organisations and individuals working in other parts of the world because we believe that God made it and wants to see the gospel reach all people.

Because we believe this we have partnered with:

SGA – Slavic Gospel Association

Slavic Gospel Association is committed to working in partnership with local churches across Eastern Europe and Central Asia, helping them to address the particular challenges of building the Church of Jesus Christ in former Communist lands.

You can find out more about their work by going to:

Steph Bridle

Steph's latest update on her work can be found here. Below is a short introduction and explanation about her work from Steph.

“Hey everyone! My name is Steph Bridle, I'm 25 and from Northwich, Cheshire. I studied Sociology and Criminology at university, which sparked an interest in different cultures and how different societies work. In my third year, as part of my dissertation, I worked with a women's charity called Women's Enterprising Breakthrough. This experience ignited a passion for trying to help empower women, which eventually led me to South Africa once I had finished my degree.”

“Whilst at uni, during my third year, I felt an urge to go back to church. My lovely mother had taken us to church as we were growing up, but eventually I stopped going, due to a general teenage lack of interest I guess you could say. So, the sudden urge to go back was very strange, and too scary for me to do in my final year of uni, so once I had finished and moved back home, I started attending the church we used to attend in Middlewich. Mum had already become a part of St John's Over by that point, but I was comfortable with the church in Middlewich, and knew a few people. This was the start of my Christian life and my faith grew very quickly.”

“Things I had previously seen as negatives and barriers were explained properly to me and this allowed me to open up with God more than I had ever been able to before. My new faith and passion for women mixed together and became a sort of 'calling' to work with vulnerable women, and my interest to return to South Africa seemed like a great opportunity to do this.”

“I am now a member of St John's Over in Winsford due to some changes at the church in Middlewich, and in South Africa I am a part of One Life Church, a non-denominational church with multiple sites across KwaZulu Natal.”

“I briefly visited South Africa in the summer of 2014, to work with Ethembeni HIV, AIDS & TB Ministry based just outside of Howick in KwaZulu Natal. A friend of mine was already out in South Africa and I was interested to see what she was up to. This short trip sparked my interest in the country and the different cultures, and I also got to see the roles of women in these cultures. In 2016, after I had finished my degree, I was invited to move out to South Africa to take the role of volunteer coordinator at Ethembeni. Over time I gained other roles, such as craft project coordinator and admin assistant. Eventually I started my own programme following some training with The Dignity Campaign, in this programme we work with young girls to teach them about themselves and try and empower them to make informed and responsible decisions - about themselves, their bodies and their futures.”

“I recently took on a new role with another NGO, Kings Community Projects, to help start a pregnancy crisis centre in the nearby city of Pietermaritzburg. Eventually I will lead this project in which we aim to provide free and confidential information and support to women facing unplanned and crisis pregnancies, however at the moment we are just getting it going and introducing the project to different community stakeholders, schools and churches around the area. The centre is named 'Choices' and will hopefully be a great addition to the area which is rife with teenage and unplanned pregnancies, leading to many girls and women feeling ashamed and isolated. We hope to end those feelings by offering care, support and a listening ear.”

“South Africa still holds very 'traditional' gender roles, some of which we would see and quite damaging and oppressive, particularly among the many cultures that are different from our own. Different populations have grown from what would have been different tribes hundreds of years ago, and each group has their own set of beliefs and ways of living. My work is primarily with Zulu women and girls, who are often treated as second to men, and are raised in a way that causes them to have very little self-worth or autonomy over themselves. Obviously, it is a lot more complex than this, but this basic idea is what inspires our work with Dignity and Choices as we hope to offer spaces where women and girls can come and learn about themselves and be listened to. We want to treat all the women we come across with the same love that Jesus showed women in the bible, we aim to listen to them and support them in whatever issue they might be facing, while also trying to introduce them to Jesus and the saving power of the gospel.”

If you’d like to get in touch with Steph and find out more about her work, you can subscribe to her email updates by getting in touch with her at