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We meet at 10.30am in the church building. In this service we’ll sing 3-4 songs (the words will be put on the screen and on a service sheet). There will be someone reading out some prayers, and notices for the week. Most importantly, we will hear a passage from the Bible read out, and then someone will speak about it. This passage will be part of a series, rather than a one off, and people are encouraged to take notes (outlines will be on the service sheet)

At 9.00am on the first Sunday in the month we hold a traditional communion service in the church building, then the later 11.00am service is held in the church hall and is designed for all ages (with lunch afterwards). Things will be a bit more informal, there will be more child-friendly songs, and the talk will be geared towards both children and adults.

Holy Communion services take place on all other Sundays at 10.30am. That means we have the chance to celebrate Jesus’ death for us by sharing in some bread and wine together. All who trust in Christ are invited to take part in this.

Our 7.30pm Prayer Service on a Sunday evening in church is a short, relaxed service which focuses on prayer, with a couple of songs and a short talk. We sit round tables together and get the chance to pray for current issues and for each other.