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Aled Seago

Aled grew up always going to church thinking he was a Christian. But he hadn't understood the truth about Jesus for himself until he was 17, when a friend shared with him the Two Ways to Live gospel outline.

He went to university in Lancaster, and was a member of Moorlands Evangelical church. There he was taught to love God's word as it was taught to him faithfully. He also met his wife Jo, and they married in 2010.

Aled and Jo served as ministry trainees at St John's Hartford for two years, and came to Winsford in 2013.

They love living in Winsford and being part of the church family at St John's. Aled is passionate about the Bible being taught and understood truthfully and rightly, and seeing how people's lives are impacted by God's revealed word. 

In his spare time he is member of a local drama group, presents a radio show, enjoys good walks, reading, photography and spending time with people.

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