St John's Church Over Logo

Who we are

We are a Bible believing Anglican church in the town of Winsford, Cheshire. As a church, our mission is to tell people the good news about Jesus Christ, and His rescuing work on the cross. We long for many more people in our town to trust in Jesus for themselves.

Our aim is ‘growing people in Christ.’ We want people to keep going in the Christian life and to grow in our love, knowledge and service of Him. We encourage that in three ways:

  • Knowing His truth: we believe the Bible is God’s true, living, and perfect word. So we are keen to teach that word faithfully, through sermons on Sundays, to home groups, to Sunday school and youth groups, and through one-to-one Bible reading partnerships. We are passionate to teach God’s word, and equip each other to share it.
  • Showing His love: As witness and worship, we want to show the same love Christ has for us in the way we relate to others; to people in our church family and others. As Christ loved us while we were still sinners, we want to love our neighbour by showing mercy in all the ways we can.
  • Sharing His gospel: We long for Winsford to hear more about the Lord Jesus Christ. So we are committed to make disciples by holding out the truth of the gospel. As well as encouraging ‘every day’ evangelism with our family, friends and colleagues, we also sometimes put on guest services, take part in concentrated mission weeks, and regularly run a course called Christianity Explored, designed to investigate the truth of Jesus Christ.